Discover Sarah, creator & founder of Wanderlast

It is said that since childhood, Sarah has been a budding artist: painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, make-up, jewellery, stained glass… name it ! Anything that could move her ten fingers and work her imagination made her happy.
Offering her creations to those around her overwhelmed her with pride, as did seeing her works of art worn or displayed.
It therefore went without saying that along the way, her academic career continued in art, then in fashion marketing. His various jobs over the past fifteen years have been exclusively in his fields of study.
Then a dream arises: to one day have his own clothing company.
You may have known her under the pseudonym of ''Jiji Jackets'', a small company of unique and bohemian modifications of second-hand clothing, with which she begins her entrepreneurial path between 2017 and 2020.
It was in 2021, then pregnant with her first baby moon, that she explored a new reality: the difficulty of dressing when you are pregnant. Sarah aspires to stay close to her favorite look, sometimes boho, but always comfortable, without emptying her bank account. Despite her extensive research, mainly local, because her heart and her conscience commonly wish to consume Quebec, she finds nothing to her liking. And that's not to mention the concept that she finds absurd: buying clothes that will only last a few months.

Thus, one sleepless night, a few weeks before the birth of his daughter, WANDERLAST was born.

Its essence is to create and offer women clothes that will suit all spheres of their lives: pregnant women, on maternity leave, in work-metro-sleep mode , mom at home, young students, educators. , entrepreneurs, etc.

Comfortable clothes, with a bohemian soul, soft, breathable, original, for all women and, as far as possible, entirely designed locally.
In addition to Wanderlast, Sarah is also the proud mother of Lou and a little boston named Elton. She regularly shoots and writes for various local companies, in addition to working on other personal projects.
Follow her in her daily life via her personal Instagram account right here .